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“The Ballad Of The Green Berets” Brings Positive Light


“The Ballad Of The Green Berets” Brings Positive Light 1

The Green Beret

Barry was exactly what his name and uniform implied he was.

The Vietnam War has left us with a collective memory, which is also inseparably linked  with the kind of music played on the airwaves during that era. The Hollywood played major roles in popularizing these songs as they were used as soundtracks to several movies. People affected and concerned about the war have run to different modes to resort their sentiments. Some wisely turned to Literature as strong wall where they can freely express their sighs. More specifically, the fateful event closely linked to the rise of songs that centered on counterculture and anti war movement. However, the opposition to the war was far from widespread back in 1966. The estimation was confirmed and reflected not just in popular opinion polls, but in charts, too.

A song that came at the right time

In the midst of the violence, fear, political struggle, and social chaos brought by the rising conflicts from the war, a certain song brought positive light to the society. In 1966, “The Ballad of the Green Berets” helped settle the growing tension on the issue of America’s involvement in the war. Adding to its appeal is the fact that it came from a real life fighter who personally have witnessed the situation during the war. Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler wrote the song while he was recovering from a major injury while he was serving the army during the war. The track , described as a pro-war song,  demands and pleads for respect to the navy, especially the Green Berets who take on a dangerous during wars or state threats.

An instant char topper

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler was a member of the United States Special Forces. It is the elite unit popularly known as the Green Berets. Back in 1965, he suffered a severe punji stick injury while serving as a combat medic in Vietnam. He had to take a rest from duty to fully recover from the injury. That time, he used his talent to render songs to his fellow fighter. To note, there were many soldiers who were also under recovery during that same time. He had this song that he had been writing for songs. It was also during that time that he completed the song that eventually became the Billboard’s number one single for all of 1966.

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Ballad of the Green Berets, Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler

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