September 18

Oozing Talent! Amazing Grace in Vocals & Bagpipe by Glen Campbell

Boy! Is there no end to this man’s talents?

While we are amazed at various vocal renditions of that beloved hymn “Amazing Grace,” there was nothing like what Glen Campbell pulls off in the following videos. He took musicianship to the next level by the simultaneous singing and playing of the bagpipe to the tune of “Amazing Grace.” Absolutely brilliant considering he’s a Yankee. Oh, wait! Some say he has got Scottish roots, too. Regardless, I’m sure lots of Scots would give this performance a two-thumbs up.

“..he’s an exceptional instrumentalist

Time and time again, Glen Campbell has shown that far from being a singer and TV host, he’s an exceptional instrumentalist. In all his appearances, we have seen his guitar and banjo playing skills, but the bagpipes? Just mind-blowing! Can he not get any cooler? Is there nothing he could not do? As noted by Mr. Bill Friskics-Warren for New York Times, He’s one “Musical Omnivore.”

Commentaries aside, time now for nostalgia and entertainment! First, take a peek at the young Glen performing the classic Gospel in London.


Then have a look at a mature Glen in Dublin. Like wine, his voice got better with age.


Finally, here’s a still cheeky Glen Campbell in his later years.

There’s our Rhinestone Cowboy, folks. A rare gem and we’re honored that he graced and was a part of our music history.

We will be infinitely amazed by your talents, Sir. It has only been more than a month since you left, but you are already sorely missed. Sad that you might have forgotten the legend that you are when you passed away. Nevertheless, like your daughter Ashley, we will do the “Remembering” of your legacy. You are a one of a kind versatile musician.

“If God ever gave one man too much talent, it was Glen Campbell.”–Merle Haggard


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