July 27

This Woman Argues ‘Bacon’ is Her Fountain of Youth

For non-vegetarians, bacon helps make the world a better place to live in. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can have it in sandwiches and burgers, even cupcakes. You can devour it with rice or eggs or salad, depending on how much of a master chef you are. If eating bacon makes your palate tingle with joy, we’re just wondering if your soul will start doing somersaults once you learn to secret to a 109-Year-Old woman’s long life.

You’ve probably guessed it right—this woman who hails from Illinois credits her 109th year of existence to none other than the world-famous bacon.


This Woman Argues 'Bacon' is Her Fountain of Youth 1

According to Ruth Benjamin, she had never smoked a cigarette nor had she drank alcohol in her entire life. She also seems to have landed a happy marriage, having stayed with the same husband for 43 years. Mrs. Benjamin is just among the many centenarians who attribute their long life expectancy to devouring their favorite beverages or food. Some claim to drink one bottle of beer a day, while some down a glass of whiskey before they hit the sack.



But is there really a connection between living up to the age of a hundred and eating bacon?

A group of researchers at ETH Zurich have discovered that foods rich in niacin such as peanuts, paprika, and bacon may contribute to increasing a person’s life expectancy. The team, led by Professor Michael Ristow, experimented on roundworms. They separated the roundworms into two groups; where one group was fed with niacin-rich diet, while the other was not. After days of experimenting, it was found that roundworms who were fed with niacin-enriched foods lived a tenth longer than their niacin-free counterparts. Prior to the experiment, the researchers believed that niacin was responsible for promoting free radicals or molecules that spur aging in organisms. The group plans to re-conduct the experiment, but this time, with mice.

Ristow concludes that perhaps niacin has the capability to trick a person’s body into experiencing a sensation as though it is exercising even when it is at rest.

If you ask us, we still believe in eating a balanced diet and keeping your vices to a minimum (if eliminating it would be too daunting for you.) Also, live every moment of your life to the fullest and learn to be forgiving. Trust us, it will make your heart and life feel lighter and more prepared for life’s biggest challenges.

What’s your secret to living a longer life? Share in the comments below!


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