February 7

Father’s Biggest Fan, Baby Smiles When He Hears His Father Sing!

Father's Biggest Fan, Baby Smiles When He Hears His Father Sing! 1

The Father, Scott Dylan

The couple, Scott and his wife, Blair, welcomed their son, Beckett Scott Robinson, on December 12, 2017. It didn’t take long for the proud father to share the news of young Beckett’s birth on social media. As he wrote:

“We are now one healthy happy family of 3”.

The past year also marked the release of Scott’s latest single, “Hooked”. The song was co-written by Kelsea Ballerini’s now-husband, Morgan Evans. As Morgan explained in an interview, he wrote the song shortly after he and Kelsea started dating. He said:

“I love that song, for starters, and Dylan did a great version of it”.

Little Beckett

One person who seems to be hooked on “Hooked” is little Beckett. He is nearly two months old already. Last Monday, January 5, Scott Dylan got the chance to perform “Hooked” on The Today Show, and little Beckett was loving it!

Scott Dylan shared a video of Beckett listening to his performance. The little guy’s response was priceless! He instantly started smiling and kicking his feet around at the sound of his daddy’s voice.

Watch this little man’s cut video below.

Isn’t he just precious!? We can all see that cute infant is his dad’s number fan and having him as a child makes me jealous of Scott Dylan. Well, even though he made me jealous of his son, I have no plans of having a child, yet. Maybe in the future. The last thing I can say about this wonderful video is that I’m sure that when Scott saw the video himself, it made his heart melt, the same thing I felt when I saw this video.

How about you? What do you think about this heart-melting infant? Leave your thoughts below and why not share this post with family and friends to share the smiles. God Bless Your Heart!


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