September 28

Little Girl Stops Her Baby Sister from Crying By Singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’

I think it’s just the most adorable thing when big sisters or brothers try to take care of their baby siblings. Having a niece and a nephew, I have seen how nurturing or protective one could be with the other.

In today’s video, you can get a dose of this adorable scene you can’t but gush. A little girl makes her baby sister stop crying by singing a country classic “You are my Sunshine.”

Awww~ isn’t the cutest thing? The video features Big sister Zoey having this amazing gift for calming her adorable baby sister Gabby. For whatever reason, when Zoey starts singing Gabby always stops crying.

We can see how upset Gabby is but Zoey immediately steps in and starts singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and Gabby instantly stops. Just a few lines and Gabby calm downs upon hearing her sister’s voice. These two girls are so young but they already have an incredible bond.

I really hope that this bond they built early on will continue to be nurtured until they grow up to be teenagers and that they will continue to cherish and comfort each other through thick or thin.

About the Song

Contrary to what we know, “You Are My Sunshine” is a song I always sing as a child, it is a song made popular by  Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell and first recorded in 1939. It has been declared one of the state songs of Louisiana because of its association with Davis, a country music singer and governor of the state in the years 1944–1948 and 1960–1964.

You have probably heard it being sung by many different artists since it is”one of the most commercially programmed numbers in American popular music.” It is also originally country music that was sad, has “virtually lost” its original country music identity, and “represent[s] both the national flowering of country music and its eventual absorption into the mainstream of American popular culture.”

Its Covers

In 1941, it was covered by Gene Autry, Bing Crosby,  Mississippi John Hurt, Wayne King and Lawrence Welk. The versions by Autry, Crosby, and King reached the US charts of the day.

In subsequent years, it was covered by Doris Day (1951), Nat King Cole (1955), The Marcels, (1961), Ray Charles, Ike and Tina Turner, The Rivingtons (1962), Andy Williams(1963), Burl Ives (1968), Frank Turner, Aretha Franklin, Anne Murray (1979), Johnny Cash, Norman Blake , Brian Wilson, Mouse and the Traps, Gene Vincent, Jamey Johnson, Low, Mose Allison, Carly Simon, Yusuf Islam, Andy Williams, and Johnny and the Hurricanes, amongst many others.

Another interesting fact is that the 1940 version of Davis has been added to the National Recording Registry in the Library of Congress on March 21, 2013, for long-term preservation.

Virginia Shehee, a long-time Davis family friend and member of the Louisiana State Senate from 1976 to 1980, introduced legislation to make “You Are My Sunshine” the official state song.


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