August 21

Energize Your Footwork with “God Loves Gospel Country!” Line Dance

Just when you thought you could only stick with Dan Seal’s “I Think God must be a Cowboy at Heart,” here is something to lighten up your mood further! A group of youngsters staying country by staying fit through country dancing! Hee Haw!

Foot works may not have included the classic L.A walk. Still, the ‘Timber’ steps of hooking your foot in and out is something to be impressed with and be amused of. Folks! Are you up for it?

Then strut yourself with your cowboy hats, shirts, denim, and leather boots! As you may have seen, the steps are quite easy; repetitive and not much segues. The minor difficulty may just be on keeping up with the speed of changing positions, but it’s doable. Also, get enough or plenty of cardio exercises. It’s the only way you can sustain your energy to finish this kind of dance feat.

It will be fun if you folks could have this replicated in your neighborhood especially during community dances. For decades, our forefathers had this line dance as a form of building camaraderie.

So whether you love dancing, or just love to try dancing, country dancing is worth it. If you lack the know-how, there are plenty of demo videos online.

Stating the obvious, you won’t only gain new friends by joining line dances; you’ve got a fun workout too!

In case you might also be wondering about the song accompaniment “God Loves Gospel Country,” it is an original of Hubert Dapliyan, a Cordilleran native from the Philippines. His band called Life breakthrough is an Indie Christian Music Ministry founded in Kibungan, Philippines in August 2000. According to their bio, they were able to release two albums in the UK in 2011, another on December 7, 2015, and on February this year, their latest album called “Breathe.”


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