January 10

Most-Awaited Sequel: Stapleton-Timberlake First Official Recording

After their legendary 2015 CMA Awards appearance and 2017 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival, Justin Timberlake is set to include a collaboration with Chris Stapleton. Some may not know that these two are musical and parental kindred spirits. More often, they address one another as ‘brothers’ on social media, too.

Most-Awaited Sequel: Stapleton-Timberlake First Official Recording 1

Let’s Deep Dive Off-Camera

Stapleton has since grown into one of the most universally admired country artists. after he and the global pop icon delivered a knockout performance of “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Drink You Away” at the 2015 CMAs. Thus, their relationship actually goes much deeper. Shortly after the awards show, Stapleton told Billboard that he and Timberlake first bonded years earlier over fatherhood and a shared appreciation for each other’s music. They began to share new tunes as a way of keeping in touch. To support that statement, here are just some words of admirations from the two.

“He’s one of the greatest musical talents in this world,” Stapleton says of Timberlake.

During a three-song set at the Pilgrimage Music Festival just outside Nashville, Timberlake introduced Stapleton and wife Morgane saying,

“This man and this woman that I’m about to bring out have inspired me so much since I met them.”

That right there gave us an obvious answer to what direction Timberlake’s new work is going to be. He credited his growing family and Tennessee roots as the motivation for this project. He quoted, “more so than any other album I’ve ever written.”


“Man of the Woods” Album Specifics

On February 2nd, two days before Timberlake banners the half-time show at Superbowl LII, the album will be out. The first single and music video, “Filthy,” was released last Friday, January 5. The primary co-writer and producer on the track is Timbaland. Danja and co-writers James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson will help, too. Early reports revealed that Man Of The Woods will also take in star-studded collaborations with Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, and Timbaland, but it’s Stapleton’s name who stands out – both for its musical inferences and fan charm.

Is Justin Timberlake stamping to something more country? We’ll get to know on its release on February 2, what their new collaboration sounds like.  Watch out, ladies and gentlemen.


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