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Of Letting Go & Moving On, “Autumn of My Life” by Bobby Goldsboro

Of Letting Go & Moving On, “Autumn of My Life” by Bobby Goldsboro 1
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Now a rose can’t be found on a snow-covered ground
And the sun cannot shine through cloudy skies
But I’m richer, you see, for the years she gave to me
And I’m content in the autumn of my life

…goes this Bobby Goldsboro “Autumn of My Life” song that talks about letting go and moving on in one’s life. How about you? What’s that autumn part of your life?

About the Song

Released in 1968, “Autumn of My Life” is a traditional pop song penned and performed by Bobby Goldsboro. Peaking at the no. 19th spot, the song spent nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. While placing no. 2 on Billboard’s Easy Listening chart, it also ranked 15th on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart, 11th on Canada’s RPM 100, and 2nd on RPM’s Country Chart.

Furthermore, Goldsboro co-produced this hit with friend and record producer Bob Montgomery under the United artists Records. This three-minute song was officially released on April 24, 1968. Moreover, “She Chased Me” is the B-side of the single.

Of Letting Go & Moving On, “Autumn of My Life” by Bobby Goldsboro 2

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Autumn/Fall: A Reflection

Autumn or Fall is a season of change, cycles, transitions, and other words alike. It somehow represents the divine energy that centers around transformations. Moreover, this season also reminds us of life at the same time death.

When the leaves bud from the trees during spring and then they grow abundantly during summer, and as fall arrives, the leaves finally change colors and suddenly fall to the forest floor signaling the death and the end.

This shows that nature is immortal, and actually, so is life. The leaves fall down to the forest floor only to provide the nourishment for the soil to grow more leaves when the next season comes. As a matter of fact, everything is recycled through nature. It has definitely enough resources and energy to sustain itself in order to flourish and thrive the earth.

This implies that nature constantly reminds us to acknowledge this within ourselves — to be/remain cleansed and purified. Everyone goes through different cycles of life and death , literally and figuratively. But more importantly, it’s not the literal life and death that we need to focus on. Rather, it’s the experience of a new cycle of life that we need to ponder upon — another form of life and death, a cycle of development. This is a way of life!

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Autumn of My Life, Bobby Goldsboro

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