July 27

Why You Need to Avoid the Havoc of ‘Asian Lady Beetles’

Insects are known to have millions and millions of species. There are so many that mankind would have a hard time keeping track of and differentiating insect A to Z and beyond. This can be especially dangerous for common folks who have limited familiarity with the uncommon and sometimes life-threatening knowledge that Science has to offer. For example, there are bugs that are extremely identical in appearance but vary in terms of their function in the ecosystem as well as the level of harm that they can bring to mankind.

The ladybug is adored by many because of its cute appearance and harmless nature. But little did we know, ladybugs have identical, non-native species of copycats—the Asian lady beetles. These copycat beetles have alarmingly infested parts of Texas, and people should really start freaking out.

Here’s why:

Asian lady beetles not only bite—they try to feed on humans as well. Shocking, right!?


According to an entomologist from the University of Texas, Asian lady beetles “have a habit of tasting things they land on.” The University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture adds that “They are also attracted to illuminated surfaces and are such a nuisance that they affect the quality of life.” Experts also advise people NOT to squish or step on Asian lady beetles if they encounter one. Doing so will cause these dangerous bugs to emit a noxious odor that will cause vomiting, while leaving behind a yellow stain on the surface where their bodies were crushed or squished.

Asian lady beetles are no joke. In fact, in Kansas, a dog’s illness was reportedly attributed to these deadly beetles after about 30-40 Asian lady beetles were found hanging on the roof of the poor dog’s mouth. The owner relayed that their furry friend was known for chasing bugs around the neighborhood. One day, they noticed that their dog began sleeping way more than normal, further, it kept skipping meals. Not long after, their dear pet’s mouth began foaming.



Nature can really be scary at times. So, the first and most important step to help regulate this infestation is through sharing this story to your family and friends and let them be informed.


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