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Glen Campbell’s Daughter, Ashley, Pays Tribute to Her Dad

Glen Campbell's Daughter, Ashley, Pays Tribute to Her Dad 1
Glen Campbell, center, with his wife Kim, left, and daughter Ashley arrive at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 12, 2012. | Photo Credits:

It’s more than a year since one of country music’s finest artists Glen Campbell left us. His passing saddened the country and the whole music industry. Years before his passing on August 8, 2017, Campbell’s daughter Ashley had already seen the progress of his Alzheimer’s Disease. It slowly crept in and over time, it fully got in the country music crooner. Actually, Campbell revealed his diagnosis to fans in 2011. He, together with Ashley, performed on his Goodbye Tour.

Returning from the tour, Ashley decided to move to Nashville. She then pursued a solo career having a realization that one day, her dad may not remember the greatest times they’re together.

A Daughter’s Touching Tribute to Her Father

In one of the episodes of “Country’s Family Reunion Kickin’ Back Series,” Ashley performed a moving song she had written for her father. Her song is called “Remembering.” In an interview, she shared what was on her mind conceiving the song. She said:

“I wrote this song when…I knew that there was gonna be a time where he wouldn’t recognize me pretty soon, that he wouldn’t know who I was,” she told the audience filled with country legends and stars alike. “We’ve always had a really special connection, so I wanted to have something that would maybe be able to reach out to him even when he can’t really understand words anymore, and that’s definitely music. This is a song from me to him, kind of saying that I’ll always have his back.”

Glen Campbell's Daughter, Ashley, Pays Tribute to Her Dad 2
Ashley Campbell | Photo Credits:

As she started singing, the crowd were silent and watched her attentively. Her angelic voice drew emotions from the audience, and her song was poignant.

In the crowd, Larry Gatlin can be seen touched by her performance. Especially when Ashley sang the first part of the chorus that goes:

“Bone for bone we are the same

Bones get tired and they can’t carry all the weight

We can talk until you can’t even remember my name

Daddy don’t you worry, I’ll do the remembering

Daddy don’t you worry, I’ll do the remembering.”

Reminiscing about the joyful years together with her dad, Ashley went on and sang about their bond as musicians, guitar players, and most importantly, father and daughter. By the end of her moving song, everyone was left teary-eyed and speechless.

Watch Ashley Campbell render her a song for her father “Remembering:”

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