We’re officially calling the attention of Dolly Parton or whoever we should call from the management of Dollywood because this talent deserves not only a petty recognition of ‘I love your work’ but a good job offer if this artist does not have a job yet.

SM Clawson, Nashville Artist

According to her Instagram bio, Sydney Clawson who goes by the Instagram handle as ‘smclawson’ is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. Alas, when we visited her website Sydney definitely is a breed of country music as her website houses some of her other blank canvases that are turned as portraits of country legends. We can safely assume that this talented lass is also an aficionado of everything about Country and its rich roots.

Her works include the portraits of an old Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson just plainly hugging his dear old guitar, a smiling Charley Pride trying to be grateful of that electric guitar presumably after a performance or patterned from a photo shoot, a classic and quintessential headshot portrait of Marilyn Monroe and other works relating to Dolly Parton during her younger days.

You can check all of her other works and contact her on her website: www.smclawson.com

Dolly Parton, Instagram video

On this quite unreal time-lapsed video that Sydney posted on Instagram, she skillfully showed her almost 3K followers her talent on turning a blank canvas into a magnificent form of art. Sydney’s 4×7 portrait of Dolly Parton captures the timeless beauty of Dolly Parton especially during the songstress Jolene days or that iconic denim jacket pose. The video was just posted 2 days ago but it already gained a substantial amount of views.

Sydney’s Instagram video is a proof that everyone could channel their country love into different forms of art. We hope we could be as talented as she is but we’ll stick to writing things about Country and admire this.

Again, we call the attention of Dollywood!

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Dolly Parton 4×7

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