October 12

The Queen of Soul Sings Grace With “I Say A Little Prayer”

The Queen of Soul, I’ll Say A Little Prayer for You

Aretha Franklin is one of the purest gems of American culture and music. She is one of the most celebrated American artists of all time. She continued to revolutionize the way we have our music. Miss Franklin has that uncanny ability to embody the spirit of the gospel, of the American pride and culture, blues, and Rock ‘n Roll into every performance that she delivers.

Known as “The Queen of Soul,” she had successfully sold more than 75 million records in her lifetime and had won multiple Grammy awards. Miss Franklin is also the recipient of The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Miss Franklin’s powerful, distinctive, gospel-honed vocal power has influenced countless singers across multiple artists across all generations.

Forever You’ll Stay in My Heart

“Say A Little Prayer for You” sings of thanks, and of constantly saying prayers to our Lord about the blessings that he gives us. In the middle of our daily grind, Miss Franklin reminds us that we must give thanks, always.

The song was originally sung by Dionne Warwick, and it was for a completely different purpose. The original intention of a song was “a woman’s concern for her man who’s serving in the Vietnam War.” Warwick recorded with that in mind and with her signature pizzaz. But Miss Franklin’s version wielded her signature powerhouse voice that instantly turned it into the gospel classic that we can jive with.

Watch the live performance here!

Which version did you prefer better? Dionne Warwick’s or Aretha Franklin’s? Comment down below and tell us why! Want to see more content like this? Visit us at Country Thang Daily!


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