February 27

Are You ‘All Prayed Up’ Before You Start Your Day?

I have been to a lot of problems and dangerous situations during all my years on earth. How was I able to cope dealing with these difficulties? How can we be prepared for these disapprovals run our life, stirring the very gist of our whole being? Also, how can we continue to do this day after day? Can we say we’re all prayed up?


I called to the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
and I have been saved from my enemies.

(Psalm 18:3)

Are You ‘All Prayed Up’ Before You Start Your Day? 1

Dear brothers and sisters, all we got to do is pray. Before you get up, roll over, look above, and pray. Before you go through your everyday activities, pray. What I am trying to say is, before anything else, set your mood and pray.

I pray every day. I have a personal prayer before I begin my day. Even when I head on to work, I listen to praise songs on earphones. I would sing along and worship the Lord as I walk the streets. Sometimes, folks who see me think I am insane and talks alone, but that’s okay. Then, I would ask the Lord to guide me as I walk and give me resourceful ways to share His love as I do my job. You would not believe the means the Lord have if you walk through your office door all prayed up.

Is Praying Once Enough?

How then do we maintain this unceasing attitude of prayer throughout our day? Many times, I have witnessed how an impossible situation happens becomes possible.

Less as it seems, food being extended when unexpected people would arrive during meals. I have experienced an accident that almost killed me. I was waiting for a ride home in front of a bread shop when a car bumped my back. Good thing, the impact wasn’t that strong, I was still able to head home. Who guided the driver’s hand? Our Lord. A take-all-the-risk traveler as I am, I also had my share of harmful situations in the mountains. Upon descent, we got confused and lost track of the people we were with. We hiked so much longer than normal. It was already getting dark when we realized it was not the right trail until dozens of cows blocked our way. Who sent them there as a warning? Our Lord. The Lord climbed the mountains with us. We were all prayed up.

Dear ones, be encouraged, pray, and go in peace. I am all prayed up for you, too.

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