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“Applejack”: The Sweetest Song for a Dearest Friend

“Applejack”: The Sweetest Song for a Dearest Friend 1

How often do you give pet names to your friends? Do you ponder on the level of bond you have before you do so? How can you exactly say it is safe to call him other names than what they have?

A Star Tune within the Album

It is one of the tracks on Dolly Parton’s album “New Harvest…First Gathering”. It is noteworthy because she wrote and published it herself in 1977. “Applejack” has become one of Parton’s best-known compositions highlighting her album. It topped the U.S. country album charts and reached number 71 on the pop albums charts.

Story of the Song

Special as their bond is, Dolly Parton showed affection to her dear old friend, Jackson Taylor, through a wonderful song. Dolly Parton grew up with her dear old friend, Jackson Taylor, in the smoky mountains. The Smoky Mountain Songbird described him as a dirty old man with long hair and long beard and didn’t smell really good. The best part? Every night, she would sneak out from her parents to meet with Jackson and sit on their front porch. He would pick the banjo. She would pick her tambourine and they would sing together. In addition, they chew ed tobacco together, smoked old cigars, and he also used to take her drink a little of his moonshine. You surely can picture just how the two shared a harmonious friendship spent in the woods on each cold night back then.

To this moment, Parton still would speak of her friendship with Jackson Taylor. She would always label him as one of the dearest friends she ever had. She called him ‘Applejack’ and finally wrote the song expressly dedicated to him. This way, she is still able to share the great memory she had with ‘Applejack’ to her listeners.

Applejack remains living in Dolly’s song and she wishes that Applejack is still playing the banjo in God’s angel band.


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