Jerusalem’s Cry –Randy Travis

Picking from the riders of doom in Cash’s The Man Come Around is Randy Travis ode to the Great Armageddon War; evil’s last stand to rule on earth. The “Jerusalem” mentioned, however, wasn’t the one within political Israel. Similar to the “Bride of Christ” and “Kingdom of God,” it’s another collective term attributed to all of Christ’s followers worldwide.

Though “Jerusalem’s Cry” is equally haunting as the first featured track, it is, at least, a bringer of hope. Though Travis sang of God’s impending wrath to crush all wicked doers, that’s for the vindication of all his Saints. After the great falling away in the faith by many who are currently in churches, the rise of the Anti-Christ, and the great tribulation, Jesus and His Army will come. From an abandoned man on the Cross, Jesus will appear as the Glorious King. And from the world’s redeemer, he’ll come as the Great Judge over mankind.

The world’s future is a bleak picture, but it’s the uncomfortable truth we all have to face. God has given us enough time to repent and even provided us a way of escape – Jesus. So when He comes, there’ll be no blaming him for being unjust. And for those who will endure, that dark day of Armageddon becomes more of a time of relief than of grief.

Jesus is Coming Soon – The Oakridge Boys


From Cash’s tribulation years to Travis’ second coming of Christ, comes

The Oakridge Boy’s song about the rapture.  In layman’s term, it’s God’s escape plan for his people. Though he did not leave them defenseless on earth, he’ll want to remove them first before the Anti-Christ rules. Doctrinally speaking, not all Christians agree when the rapture will take place. Nevertheless, the consensus is that there will be a rapture. Both the living saints and those who were long dead will rise to meet Jesus on air.

King Jesus – The Oakridge Boys


This portrait of the Grand Finale of mankind’s full reconciliation with his Creator is a great rendition by The Oaks Boys. The preceding lines also talked about everything we’ve already covered. The last stanza, however, is the highlight as it spoke of Jesus’ visible reign on earth. Under his government, the world truly becomes a paradise to live in.

Indeed, Jesus deserves the title of a King. He’s the only One who can handle power without being corrupted by it. Sad that we see the opposite in his Church. Not a few so-called spiritual leaders have fallen. Seduced by the lies of the Devil, the power they once wield now belong to the enemy. Hence, they’re desperate for recognition. And, what a pity! They insist that those under their dominion call them Prophet, Apostle, Bishop, and other titles they fancy.

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