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Christian Group from Nashville Hauntingly Renders “How Great Thou Art”

Christian Group from Nashville Hauntingly Renders "How Great Thou Art" 1
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Anthem Lights: A Christian Group from Nashville

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Anthem Lights is an American Christian group that has released songs that Christians would love to hear. As a matter of fact, they have released one EP under their previous name and two albums under their current name. On May 10, 2011, the group officially released their debut album for Reunion Records.

The group started from a humble beginning. Initially, it began as a solo project for vocalist Chad Graham in 2007. During that time, he was with Alan Powell living in Los Angeles. Both were writing music for Graham’s solo project. As they near the completion of the vocal work, both Graham and Powell realized that the songs they’ve written are perfect for a group performance.

In an immediate turn of events, the two songwriters decided to recruit members at Liberty University. It was then agreed into a consensus that the best candidates for the project were Kyle Kupecky and Caleb Grimm. After contacting them, Graham immediately flew from LA to meet Kupecky and Grimm. They gladly accepted the membership to form the trio. However, at the last minute, Powell decided to join the group.

From Yellow Cavalier to Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights did not start as to how it is called now. Originally, the group was named Yellow Cavalier. In 2009, Yellow Cavalier recorded and released one self-titled EP under its name. It was released independently. Since then, the group transitioned from Yellow Cavalier to Anthem Lights. The other projects that they’ve done were already under the Anthem Lights name.

After the group has changed their name to Anthem Lights, they signed to Reunion Records. Vocalist Kyle Kupecky shares the meaning behind their name:

“These songs [and] this record is our anthem to the world saying, ‘Listen, we know there’s a lot of darkness in this life, but in the end, light is gonna win.’ And we wanna be the light to people and just show them who the light of the world is.”

In 2011, Anthem Lights released their self-titled EP. It was their second EP and the first on Reunion Records and under their current name. With its release, the said EP gained favorable reviews and chart success. To note, their track “Can’t Shut Up” peaked at no. 42 on Billboard Christian Songs chart while it reached no. 27 on the CHR radio charts.

Christian Group from Nashville Hauntingly Renders "How Great Thou Art" 2
Anthem Lights | Photo Credits:

Anthem Lights Take Us Back to Church with “How Great Thou Art”

Just recently, the group rendered an angelic performance of the classic gospel hymn “How Great Thou Art.” They have posted the video on Youtube on July 13, 2018. Since then, it has already been viewed 400,000 times.

A song covered by numerous artists, “How Great Thou Art” is a hymn that has touched millions of lives. It simply speaks from the heart with grace to the Lord. In the poignant performance of Anthem Lights, their heavenly vocals perfectly suited the song. The spirit of the Lord is oozing in the performance as if we are led back to church. It was a gracious performance, passionate and touching…

Watch the Anthem Lights render their poignant version of “How Great Thou Art:”

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