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Finding Yourself in Lady Antebellum’s New Single, “Heart Break”

Going through heartbreak is not an easy thing because there will be nights where you have to cry your eyes out. Moreover, you miss that person and being by yourself makes you remember them sometimes. But eventually, the pain will go away, and the memories that once haunt you will soon be forgotten, and all of that only requires time. Heartbreak is a common theme in country music. Many country musicians write them because it is a frequent experience that we go through. One of country music’s prominent country trio, Lady Antebellum, released a single called Heart Break and their latest album in 2017.

Chart Performance

“Heart Break” is the second single on the trio’s latest album Heart Break. Their song reached No. 22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was written by Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Jesse Frasure, and Nicolle Gaylon.

The Making of “Heart Break”

Hillary Scott, a member of the band, said in an interview with The Boot that the song is about finding yourself after a heartbreak instead of starting another relationship again.

“The concept of the lyric of just not jumping from one relationship to the next, but finding a stronger version of yourself before you hop into a relationship with someone else.”

In addition, Scott mentions that the song is based on a woman’s perspective, but it still works out the other way around.

“It’s from a female’s perspective; I think it works both sides and should.”

Heart Break Album

The band went on hiatus almost three years after releasing their last album 747 in 2014. In 2017, they have returned with their new album Heart Break. Their return was a blast as their album reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, Heart Break placed at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. Lady Antebellum’s album did not only enter the US Billboard chart, but they have also made their album entered different charts outside the US. Their album was nominated for Album of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association. Moreover, it was nominated for Best Country Album and Best Country Duo/Group Performance during the Grammy Awards this year.

Here is Lady Antebellum’s “Heart Break” song.

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