November 28

“(I’m A) Stand by My Woman Man” by Ronnie Milsap

(I’m A) Stand by My Woman Man composed by Kent Robbins and recorded by Ronnie Milsap was released in July 1976. American country musician Milsap had it as the second single from his 20/20 Vision album. On the country chart, (I’m A) Stand by My Woman Man was Ronnie Milsap’s sixth chart-topper.

Spending a total of 11 weeks and staying number one for 2 weeks within the top 40, it was surely a hit. Do you recall Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”? Milsap answered it with (I’m A) Stand by My Woman Man. Backing vocals were provided by The Holladay Sisters.

In one of Milsap’s interview, he shared that the song was “almost” a lawsuit. The opening piano melody sounded alike Hargus “Pig” Robbins ‘ intro on “Behind Closed Doors”.

A Brief Background of the Musician

On January 16, 1943, Ronnie Lee Milsap was born. Ronnie is an American country music singer and pianist. During the 1970s and 1980s, he was one of country music’s most popular and influential performers. Being one of the most successful and versatile country “crossover” singers of his time, his music appealed to both country and pop music markets. By incorporating pop, R&B, and rock and roll elements in his hits, he was able to make his own name. Among his crossover hits include: “It Was Almost Like a Song”, “Smoky Mountain Rain”, “(There’s) No Gettin’ Over Me”, “I Wouldn’t Have Missed It for the World”, “Any Day Now” and “Stranger in My House”.

To add to his phenomenal career, he got six Grammy Awards and scored forty number 1 country hits. Among the top 3 artists, he is third to George Strait and Conway Twitty. In 2014, the Country Music Hall of Fame selected and inducted him.

In November 2014, Milsap announced he would embark on a final concert tour.

“You get to a place where you still have your health, but you know it’s not given”, explained Milsap. “I’ve been blessed with so many great songs, so many wonderful memories and stories—and some of the very best fans in the business. Before I get to a place where it’s not a celebration of the music, I want to go out and play all these hits for the people who love them as much as I do”.



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