Anne Murray is undeniably one of the greatest country artists of all time. Her smooth and soft toned voice defines her distinction amongst others. Also, her choice of music can move people’s hearts and souls. This can be comprehended through her hit “I Just Fall In Love Again” which became the number one country hit in 1979.

Moreover, Murray’s other topped chart signature songs include “You Needed Me” and “Just Another Woman In Love”.

The Number One Country Hit Of 1979…

Murray was actually surprised by the song’s total success. This is because Murray didn’t feel the song sounded very “country”. Perhaps, this is because “I Just Fall In Love Again” was originally recorded by pop artists.

Despite Murray’s skepticism, the song was embraced by the country music enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the song was ranked as the number one country hit of 1979 by the Billboard.

In addition, she was even more appreciated because of the song. This only means that even though the song was recorded by pop artists, it didn’t matter, because Murray already established a connection to the listeners. The bottom line is, she is simply Anne Murray.

A Li’l History Of The Song…

“I Just Fall In Love Again” is one of the timeless country love songs of all time. The song was written by Larry Herbstritt with co-writers Steve Dorff, Harry Lloyd, and Gloria Sklerov. Herbstritt composed the melody and chords for the chorus and as well as the chord progression for the verse. He took these ideas from his friend Dorff. On the other hand, Harry Lloyd and Gloria Sklerov completed the lyrics.

Furthermore, the song was originally a pop love song and was recorded by pop artists such as The Carpenters and Dusty Springfield.

The Lyrics…

Dreamin’, I must be dreamin’
Or am I really lying here with you?
Baby, you take me in your arms
And though I’m wide awake, I know my dream is comin’ true
And oh I just fall in love again
Just one touch and then it happens every time
There I go by, just fall in love again and when I do
I can’t help myself, I fall in love with you
Magic, it must be magic
The way I hold you when the night just seems to fly
Easy for you to take me to a star
Heaven is that moment when I look into your eyes.
And oh I just fall in love again
Just one touch and then it happens every time
There I go by, just fall in love again and when I do
I can’t help myself, I fall in love with you
Can’t help myself, I fall in love with you

The Carpenters’ Version…

The Carpenters’ version was included on their album the “Passage”. Richard Carpenter noted that he felt the song was perfect for his sister Karen’s voice. Additionally, he felt their version had hit-single potential. However, A&M Records decided not to release it because it was considered too long and could not be abridged.

Dusty Springfield’s Version…

Recorded in summer of 1978 and was released in early 1979 on Springfield’s “Living Without Your Love”. Unfortunately, the song was never released as a single. with this, it went largely unnoticed by the listening public due to lack of promotion.

Anne Murray’s Version…

Murray was inspired to record her own version when she heard “I Just Fall in Love Again”. This is because it was recorded by her favorite female singer, Dusty Springfield. It was released in early 1979 from her Platinum-selling album “New Kind of Feeling”.

Anne released her version as a single, and it topped the Billboard Magazine’s Country and Adult Contemporary charts for three weeks. Also, it reached at number eleven on the Cash Box Top 100 and number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It was the first of three successive number one Country hits and four consecutive number one Adult Contemporary hits during 1979 and 1980.

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