September 5

When Anne Murray Spells Feminism in ‘Just Another Woman In Love’

1980 is still a difficult time for feminism movement and women are definitely trying to fight for numerous rights and proper representation in the media. Luckily for these ladies, music is not a difficult medium to cater to women and how they should be portrayed. Canadian singer, Anne Murray is one of those singers who told in her music that women could be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Just Another Woman, Anne Murray

Written by Patti Ryan and Wanda Mallette, Anne Murray scored his eighth number one on US Country Billboard and Canadian charts making her one of the few Canadian artists to dominate the US Country Billboard.

It spent 20 weeks in US Country charts and it is not hard to figure out why because it’s a song that reflects both the struggle of women to be in control and how falling in love and maybe being vulnerable is not really a bad thing as it shows how women could be both everything and still emerge stronger than before.


“Just Another Woman In Love” Lyrics

I’m strong, I’m sure
I’m in control
A lady with a plan
Believing that life
Is a neat little package
I hold in my hand
I’ve got it together
They call me the girl
Who knows just what to say and do
Still, I fumble and fall
Run into the wall
‘Cause when it comes to you

I’m just another woman in love
A kid out of school
A fire out of control
Just another fool
You touch me and I’m weak
I’m a feather in the wind
And I can’t wait to feel you touching me again
With you, I’m just another woman
Just another woman in love

So pardon me
If I should stare
And tremble like a child
That wanting me look
All over your face
Is driving me wild
I’m just what you make me
Can’t wait till you take me
And set all my feelings free
I know that you can
So come be my man
Tonight, I want to be



Anne Murray, feminism, just another woman in love

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