June 25

Anne Murray’s Rendition of Dorsey’s “If You See My Savior”

anne murray if you see my savior

What would it be like if you ask someone to deliver a message to God personally? If it is possible, what would you want to tell God? Anne Murray’s cover of the song “If You See My Savior” is all about asking someone a favor to deliver a message to God.

About the Song

We cannot ask anyone to deliver a message to God. Do you know why? God wants us to know that He listens to us individually. Even if we think it’s impossible, but for God it’s possible. God wants us to know Him personally by making an effort to pray to Him. However, in the song, the narrator is asking a dying friend to tell the Lord that she’ll be soon coming home. This means that she will soon be with God. Probably, asking someone to tell God you’ll soon see Him is fine. If you believe in God and trust in Him, death is not a scary thing anymore. Like the narrator, she doesn’t fear death that she even ask a favor to her friend to tell God she’s coming home soon.

The Origin of “If You See My Savior”

“If You See My Savior” was written by Thomas A. Dorsey. The first band to record the song was the Famous Bluejay Singers in 1932. After them, other recordings of this song were released from 1937 to 2002. Anne Murray releases the song as part of her album What a Wonderful World in 1999. Her album contains gospel songs from other artists that she covered.

The Songwriter

Thomas A. Dorsey was the father of black gospel music. He created music that is a combination of jazz and blues. He was best-known for the songs “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” by Mahalia Jackson, and “Peace in the Valley” by Red Foley.

Anne Murray Fun Facts

Before Anne Murray became a famous country singer, she was a high school P.E. teacher. Furthermore, Anne Murray was the first Canadian solo artist who was able to reach the No. 1 spot on the US Billboard chart. Lastly, she was featured on a Canadian postage stamp (Canadian 52).


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Anne Murray, if you see my Savior

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