October 29

Anne Murray Finds Inner Peace “In the Garden”

There will be instances that life will be knocking us down and it will be hard for us to get up. But, did you know that we can beat this if we have peace in our lives? Even more so, if we have the Lord in our hearts. One of the books that I’ve read says that peace starts within us and it starts in getting to know Him. Anne Murray sent us this message when she made her version of the classic “In The Graden.”

“The Classic Balladeer”

Morna Anne Murray popularly known as Anne Murray is a Canadian singer who sold over 55 million copies of her album worldwide.  Further, she holds the record of being the first Canadian female singer to be no.1 in the U.S. Charts. Wow! She must have started big, and this only shows that the public was in love with her. Also, others say that she was the one who opened the opportunity for other Canadian artists to be known internationally.

Anne Murray had scooped a lot of achievements since she paved her way to the spotlight. One of them is winning the “Album of the Year” at the Country Music Association Awards in 1984. This year was her turn to slam her critics because she was the first Canadian woman to take home the prestigious title. Thus, she was also included in the Canadian Hall of Fame. This woman is unstoppable; she’s like a tornado on her way to the top.

“Finding Inner Peace”

“In the Garden” or sometimes referred to as “I Come to the Garden Alone” was written by C. Austin Miles. Also, it was a gospel song to give peace to Christians who have a troubled mind and heart. Further, “In the Garden” was popularized by Billy Sunday in 1912.  Since then, it had a lot of versions, and Anne Murray has one of them.

“In the Garden” is still considered as one of the greatest classic hits to date. Also, Anne Murray still has the best version because it incorporated her calm voice and country style is the best combo. Isn’t it nice to have these kinds of songs to uplift our spirits in times of need?


Anne Murray, Billy Sunday, C. Austin Miles, I Come to the Garden Alone, In the Garden

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