January 24

A Woman’s Faith Rewarded in the Hymn, “Yes, I Know”

It’s not just the angels in heaven that are rejoicing over the salvation of one soul. Even earthlings could not help but shout for joy when one of their dear ones got saved.

To this hymn’s songwriter, Ms. Anna W. Waterman, it was seventh heaven. In tears, she had been praying for Charles, her husband, to be saved. Supported by another tender-hearted lady, they interceded for Charles’ soul for over three years. He was a heavy drinker and had been compromising his work. Regardless, Anna, being a woman of faith, managed to keep a good testimony before her unbelieving husband. She was not critical despite Charles’ shortcomings.

Hence, God, who also loves Charles as Anna, intervened. We’re not sure how (only the Lord knows), but Charles felt an inexplicable fear though heavily intoxicated. He hurriedly went home and told his wife that he wanted to be saved. With Anna and her friend as witnesses, Charles surrendered his life to Christ.

That glorious spectacle of the redemption of a once seemingly hopeless case inspired Anna to pen, “Yes, I Know.”

The Gaithers Vocal Group in “Yes, I Know”

The Faithful’s Prayers are Effectual

Having read the inspiration behind “Yes, I Know,” may we be encouraged to not stop praying over lost souls. Like Charles, the person may still goof around for years. He may continually resist God’s grace in the form of his family or friend’s unconditional kindness and help. Still, don’t give up on them. Leave them in God’s hands, but keep them in your prayers.

While we can’t interpret all of God’s reasons for the delay, one thing is for sure. It is when we persistently pray for unsaved souls that we can understand God’s heart. He wants every one of us so he made a Way. That Way is Jesus Christ.


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