October 15

Little Girl Moves Crowd to Tears with “How Great Thou Art” Rendition

Truly an angel on earth! Eight-year-old Anna Faith Howell brought the crowd to tears when she incredibly sang a classic gospel tune, “How Great Thou Art.” And to everyone’s delight, she left the audience in awe with her massive performance!

Folks were bewildered with the little girl singing a big song. Even more, the message in the entire performance was beyond bigger. But, they were genuinely thankful for the blessing of voice from this little girl.

Coupled with her angelic voice, Anna Faith sang with ease and poured her heart and soul to the song. Her message was crystal clear; her vocals were on-point.

Standing on the bright stage in her sparkly top and braided hair, Anna Faith rocked every note. Moreover, her booming voice captivated the audience. Overall, she rendered an exceptional power to what many people expected to be a sweet, charming, and soft performance.

Elated by the young girl’s talent, the crowd roared back with cheers and applause. She then continued to sing of hope and passion and with a heart of an innocent child.

Approaching the end of the song and hitting the final note, Anna Faith’s voice was nearly inaudible because of the thunderous cheers of the proud crowd and their echoing applause. What a beautiful sight to watch such a young soul blossom to praise and glorify the Lord! At such a young age, she embodies the true spirit of a true Christian. Let this then serve as an inspiration to all of us adults and children alike. May God bless your hearts!

Check out Anna Faith Howell with her incredible performance of “How Great Thou Art.”

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anna faith howell, how great thou art

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