December 26

The Stanley Brothers’ Song About Christ’s Birth and Death in “Wings of Angels”

Christmas may be over but we can celebrate Jesus’ life and death anytime we want. His existence gave us hope, and Jesus taught us to love in many different ways and forms. Jesus’ death brought us salvation and washing of our sins. Therefore, it is only right to remember Him every day of our lives. That is why it is right for us to listen to this single about His birth, His death, and everything that happened in between.

Stanley Brothers Wings of Angels
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The “Wings of Angels” Recording

“Wings of Angels” is a song written and recorded by the Stanley Brothers in 1959. It became a part of their album Hymns and Sacred Songs. The album is a mixture of different styles of bluegrass music such as bluegrass gospel, traditional bluegrass, or plain bluegrass style. It contains twelve original songs by the Stanley Brothers.


  1. “How Can We Thank Him for What He Has Done?”
  2. “My Lord’s Going to Set Me Free”
  3. “I’ll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning”
  4. “Wings of Angels”
  5. “White Dove”
  6. “That Home Far Away”
  7. “The Angel of Death”
  8. “Daniel Prayed”
  9. “He Said If I Be Lifted Up”
  10. “Are You Afraid to Die”
  11. “Mother’s Footsteps Guide Me On”
  12. “This Wicked Path of Sin”

All About the Song

Of all the songs from their album, “Wings of Angels” stands out this Christmas season. The song speaks about the birth of Jesus at the beginning of the song. It’s where everything started when the Savior was born up to the time the star shone in the sky.

To see the Jesus in the manger

The pathway lighted by the stars

The song ended with Jesus’ death. They have also mentioned that Jesus’ death happened to save our soul from our sins. However, the best part is the second stanza of the song because in here the narrator was certain that after his death, Jesus will raise him up and bring him to heaven. He will receive his wings and become an angel. Isn’t that what we all want when we die? We all want to be welcome in heaven and receive wings, to become angels of God.


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