March 28

“Angels Rock Me to Sleep” by Bill Monroe: Song in Times of Trials

angels rock me to sleep bill monroe

There comes a time in our lives when all the hardships and trials are piling up. It’s like every time you do something to fix the problem nothing works out. Your energy runs out and all you just wanted to do is give up. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever reached the point in your life that all you wanted to do is give up?

Bill Monroe and Bluegrass Music

“Angels Rock Me to Sleep” is a bluegrass song written by Thomas Ramsey and Marion Easterling; performed by Bill Monroe, “The Father of Bluegrass.” Monroe truly never disappoints his fans when it comes to his songs and singing. His song makes you feel like angels are just next to you, guiding you through all the things you are going through.

The Song: “Angels Rock Me to Sleep”

Do you believe in angels? Some people don’t, but others do believe in them. Angels are God’s messengers or attendants that help God delivers something, like a message, when needed. Bill Monroe’s song is exactly what you need to listen to whenever you are tired and wanting to give up, or if there is too much burden you are carrying right now.

A song that will remind you that despite all the trials and burdens you are experiencing God will send his angels to comfort you. He will comfort the storm inside of you and let you know that darkness will never prevail forever. Therefore, whatever you are thinking of right now. Whatever is bothering you, take a minute to pray and ask God to help you. Overthinking will not solve your problem, it will just cause you much more. God loves us so much, that he doesn’t want us to be troubled. Just call upon the name of the Lord, and he will send his angels to comfort your soul.

This Lenten season, let us take the time to pray to God. Thank Him for all His love and care for us.

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