November 28

Angaleena Presley Breaks the Mold of a Stepford Wife in “Wrangled”


The role of being a woman in this modern society is riddled with countless expectations and molds that is expected to be met. That includes the picturesque idea of a wife: beautiful, submissive, able to do household chores. It had become such a toxic trope for women, it evolved into a caricature of itself in the form of a “Stepford Wife.” But Angaleena Presley isn’t having it. She sings about the trials of being a “Stepford Wife,” and completely smashing it with her delicate, poignant song “Wrangled.”

Presley has gently narrated how difficult it is to meet those ungodly expectations, and how it is to actually live in them. She sings in her hook powerful phrases that reflect her true intentions:

“Bible says a woman oughta know her place
Mine’s out here in the middle of all of this
Wild open space

Between all of this ropin’ and ridin’
I might as well be hogtied and strangled
Tired of wakin’ up feelin’ like I’ve been wrangled”

She breaks her silence by voicing out that this shouldn’t be the case for women, wives who would be submissive under the rule of their husbands. And she does it in a gentleness that you wouldn’t expect.

Listen to the amazing track here!

The Album

Her album, Wrangled, is the second solo studio album by Presley. It contains several songs with noteworthy collaborations. In her song “Dreams Don’t Come True,” she collaborates with her Pistol Annies gals Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert. Country singer Chris Stapleton co-wrote “Only Blood.” Also, The “Queen of Rockabilly,” Wanda Jackson herself co-write “Good Girl Down” with Presley and Vanessa Olivares. Lastly, Guy Clark completed his final song “Cheer Up Little Darling” with Presley before he died.

The album received critical acclaim from music critics. People praised her for being true to her roots but is willing to expand the horizon for country music and the outlaw style.


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