January 31

Andy Griggs Vow of Happiness: “You Won’t Ever be Lonely”

Andy Griggs debuted on his country music career with his hit single “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely.” He co-wrote the song with Brett Jones, and was officially released in November 1998.It served as the lead-off single from his debut album with the same title. With the enticing tune and rhythm of the track, it reached number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.

Love conquers loneliness

“You Won’t Ever Be Lonely” holds the message about the promise of love that will erase the loneliness that tries to bombard a certain someone that we love. If you’ve ever felt lonely before, you know just how bad it can hurt. But this songs proves it true for the cliche, “No man is an island.” God designed human to be completed by the presence of another human. The story becomes even more interesting when romance is concerned. Love is a mysterious element that gives color to the dull worlds of two strange people who compliment each other’s personality.

For as long as I live 
There will always be a place you belong
Here beside me
Heart and soul baby — you only 
And I promise you now you won’t ever be lonely

Andy Griggs Vow of Happiness: “You Won’t Ever be Lonely” 1

And Grigg’s country journey

Now, I guess you’re wondering about this cowboy hunk who delivered this promise of happiness that gave inspiration to broken hearts. Let’s get to know him more.

Andy Griggs is a Louisiana native, who grew up listening to the sound of country legend, Merle Haggard. He have to face the ups and downs of life as he grew up. But music has always had a place in his heart. After he grieved for the lose of his parents, he became a minister, and settled into a family life. He began writing songs in 1970’s, and by 1997, he decided to introduce his sound to Nashville. His debut album went gold, and charted three Top Ten singles. These are “She’s More,” “You Won’t Ever be Lonely,” and “I’ll go Crazy.”

Andy Grigg’s countrified success continued to boom as he released further albums with top-charting singles.

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Andy Griggs, You Won't Ever Be Lonely

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