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Strengthen Your Faith with Andrae Crouch’s “Through It All”

Strengthen Your Faith with Andrae Crouch’s “Through It All” 1
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We are humans living a crazy world. With this, we tend to make mistakes. There are hard decisions that affect us in so many ways. Those decisions impact us and change the way we live. Have a little empowerment by a prevailing hymn “Through It All” by Andrae Crouch.

Nevertheless, we try to redeem ourselves. And through all of those challenges, God is with us. He is with us, to guide us and to protect us “Through It All.” Let us praise God and strengthen our faith as we listen to the hymn.

Moreover, at some points in our lives, we shed tears due to the sorrows we experience in life. From our jobs to our family and relationships. Also, we come to circumstances that we doubt and we ask questions. On the other hand, because we are getting weak, we sometimes don’t know what’s right from wrong. However, a pinch of transformation pierces us because we know that we have God we can hold on to.

Through It All…

The hymn has powerful words that can change you, your disposition, and perceptions towards life. It can make you a different person. The lyrics intertwined with a heartfelt melody can mend your broken hearts and lost souls.

This is the version of Hillsong Worship’s “Through It All.”

Yes, God will never leave our sides. He will always be there to give us protection, life, and love. Also, he will make way for us to be on the brighter side of the world. These are the things we should be thankful for. God gave us what we need physically and emotionally. Let us not forget to thank him through our prayers. We must communicate with him because God is our weapon “Through It All.”

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Andrae Crouch, Through It All

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