October 15

“For Loving You:” A Classic Country Duet by Bill Anderson and Jan Howard

How wonderful it is to find someone who will change everything in your life. How great would it be if someone will make you into a better person? If you found that person, never let them go for they will always bring out the best in you.

The Collaboration

Bill Anderson and Jan Howard collaborated for the first time in 1967. They released their first album together known as For Loving you. The album reached No. 6 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Their single “For Loving You” was part of their album and it was their first No. 1 song together. The song was written by Steve Karliski and Rossini Pinto. Furthermore, Owen Bradley produced their song. Aside from entering the Billboard chart in the US, their single reached No. 9 on the Canadian chart.

Other Collaborations

Two collaborated again to release other albums such as If It’s All the Same to You and Bill and Jan or Jan and Bill. They have charted many singles from the mentioned albums. Singles such as “If It’s All the Same to You,” “Someday We’ll Be Together,” and “Dis-Satisfied” all entered the top 10 of the Billboard chart. Their last album together was a gospel album known as Singing His Praise in 1972.

Cover Version

Their highest charting song “For Loving You” was covered by Skeeter Davis and Don Bowman in 1968. Their version of the song reached No. 72 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The Song’s Content

“For Loving You” began with two lovers complimenting each other on how they both changed each other’s life. How each of them came into each other’s life to make it good. Furthermore, they make each other see things differently. However, towards the end of the song, it changed from a somewhat happy relationship into losing each other. Even though the characters in the song did not end up together, they still cherish the love and memory they shared.

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Bill Anderson, For Loving You, Jan Howard

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