October 9

Anderson East Defines Love for Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is all smiles and hearts even after her recent and unexpected divorce with fellow country star, Blake Shelton. The secret to her glowing and undeniable happiness? Her newfound love and boyfriend—Anderson East.

The couple had been dating for over two years now, and the chemistry they share is something that brings delight even to their fans. They have been official since July 2015, not too long since Miranda separated ways with her ex-husband, Shelton.

Last July, Miranda Lambert had an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine where she openly disclosed what it’s like for her to date a man as dashing and sweetly attractive like East. The singer described what seemed to be a relationship bound by a solid foundation of trust, confidence, security, and sincere concern for one another. For Lambert, love is something that’s “big and it’s worth it.” She adds that East is the first person she would turn to whenever she’s about to have a major meltdown.

Before she started going out with Andersons, it can be recalled that the beloved country songstress found it so difficult to endure the aftermath of her divorce. She had to put up with endless tearful nights and the sucky feeling of sheer loneliness. But now that she’s with East, Miranda’s current relationship is much calmer and meeker, and his company has made her super happy.

During East’s 30th birthday, she wrote to him on Instagram:

Then, on their second anniversary, Miranda Lambert posted another sweet dedication to her beau:

As they add more months to their relationship, Anderson and Miranda are going stronger together and they are also keen on keeping their dating life as private as they could. Friends and critics have been so particular about the deep connection that they share, to the point where everybody loves them together and agrees that Miranda Lambert would never have reached such peak of happiness with Blake Shelton.


Anderson East, Miranda Lambert

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