“American Pie,” a classic by Don McLean, has been getting new listeners lately thanks in part to a popular mystery show on Netflix.

american pie

Image from Don McLean’s official Facebook page

Before getting started, I would like to tell you that this isn’t a literal pie we are talking about (sorry to disappoint) but we are instead talking about the great classic hit by Don McLean. Step back, relax and be reminded of the awesomeness of this classic hit song.

Cravings for “American Pie” Rises Amidst Stranger Things Happening

Season three of the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things” has been officially out for a couple of weeks now and a specific classic song featured on the show has been bringing new listeners to search for it.

american pie

Stranger Things title card. Image from Flickr

“American Pie” was used in one of the episodes of the hit show and has caught the attention of many viewers. In the ending scene of season 3 episode 3, the song was used during a somewhat gruesome scene, overall the whole scene was quite dark.

Here is the scene in question. Warning, the scene is a bit gruesome and if you don’t like violence then I suggest just skipping this video.

Perhaps because of the dark undertones of the whole scene, the song was able to stand out more. Thanks to its upbeat tune and lighthearted lyrics. Plenty of fans have then started to wonder what that song is and started searching for it on the web.

Perhaps you have seen some of these new listeners when going to the videos of the song with comments like “Stranger Things” brought me here. Lucky for us though we didn’t need that show, or any show, to bring us to this classic.

Don McLean’s “American Pie” and its Meaning

At the base of it all, this is simply a good nostalgic song with an upbeat, lighthearted melody. Finding the meaning behind the song is kind of meaningless because of the sentiments of Don McLean himself.

During an interview with him, when asked what the song meant he replied jokingly:

“It means I don’t ever have to work again if I don’t want to.”

He also goes on to say:

“You will find many interpretations of my lyrics but none of them by me . . .”

So whatever interpretation you may have as a listener can technically be considered correct, though Don himself can neither accept nor deny it.

American pie

Image from Don McLean’s official Facebook page

If he did choose not to work anymore though, it would have also been in his favor as “American Pie” took the number one spot on the charts not only in the US but also in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada.

So whether you came from stranger things or already knew this awesome classic before the show, take a listen to it again and feel the nostalgia.