May 16, 2018

“Amazing Grace”: A Gracious Rendition of Reba McEntire

"Amazing Grace": A Gracious Rendition of Reba McEntire 1

Probably one of the most sung gospel songs, “Amazing Grace” is truly a hymn of honor, praise, and grace. This John Newton classic hymn is well-loved not just nationwide but worldwide in the whole of Christendom. A song about life, “Amazing Grace” gives you the courage and hope to continue living even if you’re beset by fears, and hopelessness. What a wonderful way to praise the Lord with all His amazing grace.

Covered by various artists of different genres in many different countries, it is no doubt “Amazing Grace” is one popular hymn. Country music artists are not excluded from this. There are a number of country music singers who have recorded their rendition of this song and the most notable ones are that of Elvis PresleyAlan Jackson, Randy Travis, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, and recently, Reba McEntire.

"Amazing Grace": A Gracious Rendition of Reba McEntire 2
Reba McEntire (Photo screen grabbed on Youtube)

Reba McEntire has included this hymn on her 2017 gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope, which eventually won a Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album. McEntire revealed in an interview that she initially did not include the song on her album. She explained:

Amazing Grace is a song that… at first was not gonna put on the album because it’s always on the gospel albums and then when we went back after we decided we needed more songs, and I thought, it would be a mistake to leave amazing grace off.”

She continued and said:

“because we are so blessed, because of His amazing grace that He gives us…”

Watch Reba explain the inclusion of “Amazing Grace” into her album below:

Listen to Reba’s Version of the classic hymn “Amazing Grace” below:

A Painful Story Behind the Classic “Amazing Grace”

Amazing Grace” is just more than a gospel hymn. It narrates about life, grace, and the blessings of the Lord. However, behind this melodic music is a true story of faith and gratefulness.

English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton wrote this Christian hymn and published it in 1779. He wrote the lyrics based on his personal experience. According to Ilena Madrazo of Museum of the Bible, behind the hopeful tune lies a dark story.

“John Newton has a pretty amazing story. He lived a pretty crazy life. He was rebellious.”

That was Newton’s life for decades until he encountered a rough night at sea, which changed his life forever. Madraso further explained:

“It was in those moments he began to understand how precious life is and the decisions he had made were not a good way to live his life.”

With that experience and life reflection, Newton eventually gave his life to Christ and joined the Church of England. He then began writing songs and poems about life, reflection, and God.

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