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AMAZING GRACE: How Could He Ever Save a Wretch Like Me?

AMAZING GRACE: How Could He Ever Save a Wretch Like Me? 1
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The Day the Wretch was Saved

“Amazing Grace” has spread all around the world as a repentant ode to God, with the exemplification of the power of change that spans throughout the life of generations that have come and gone. It talks about a real-life wretch who has been taking life for granted, but the grace of God have found him in the midst of his tormented days. Yes, I am talking about the author of the song, John Newton himself. He was once a scoundrel and foul-mouthed sailor, who worked in the slave trade.

Then it took one violent storm in a cold night, in the middle of the ocean for a wicked man to change. Newton’s crew struggled through a strong storm that almost claimed their lives. The terrifying situation made Newton tremble into complete fear and desperately turned to God for mercy. God’s ever-passionate heart melted for the man who almost cursed Christians. His mercy and kindness flowed upon the crew, and they found refuge as the storm calmed.

AMAZING GRACE: How Could He Ever Save a Wretch Like Me? 2
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A song Written in Awe of Him

Overwhelmed by his divine encounter, Newton turned his astonishment into a song that would later become the anthem of churches and religious celebrations. It speaks about the desire for an experience of freedom, the intent and desire to see God face-to-face, to be with Him for all eternity, and no longer a subject to any kind of cruelty.

God awaits for your call

I definitely know how it feels to struggle in the storm of this life. That’s the time where nothing’s left inside you but fear and confusion about your seemed to be wasted existence. You begin to hysterically question your worth. If you die, will it even matter? That’s the time your anger, pain, and remorse battle with the remaining piece of hope and love that have been stacked in your heart. Until then, you desperately shout for rescue or you ’ll literally get mad.

And in the midst of this intense moment, God’s prime grace will interfere and bring you to that peace and light you’ve always been craving for. All this time, He was just waiting for you to call. You don’t have to wait for a violent storm before asking God to fix your life.

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