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Celtic Woman Performing “Amazing Grace” is Rightly Divine

Be it a time of need, of passing or of praise, “Amazing Grace” has been the song for hundreds of millions of people all over the world for more than two centuries. It has affected the lives of everyone as it gives a real and powerful message.

Posted by Celtic Woman on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Several artists covered “Amazing Grace,” and all of them gave justice to the song. Perhaps, the most recognized version is from Alan Jackson. However, one of the most powerful and divine covers is from the Celtic Woman. Not only are they singing but you can feel the soul and warmth to their tones. Watch and listen for it will give you divinity within.

Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace’s” primary purpose is to change someone’s life. It is to give a transformation to become a better human being. Besides, the hymn should be a reminder for all of us that life has a purpose. A purpose to be kind and respectful to everyone despite differences. Also, a goal to be a good example of right deeds. Above all, please be reminded that through the hymn, God will guide you. And, for us to use him as an instrument to be a better person.

John Newton, an English poet and a clergyman, wrote the words and lyrics of “Amazing Grace.” The hymn was published in 1779. It has been centuries since its publication. Nevertheless, it’s the most played and performed Christian Gospel hymn of all time.

The author grew up without religious conviction. His life was formed by a variety of twist and coincidences. Then, a struck of change hit him. When a violent storm battered his vessel off the coast in Ireland, he called out to God for mercy. It was the moment that marked his spiritual conversion.

The story of “Amazing Grace” should prompt people out there to change. At times, we experience downfalls and miseries. But, these should not devour our beliefs and faith. Instead, it should help us to be a stronger person.

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