January 11

Our Kind of Country AMAZING GRACE REVISITED: Mike Caldwell

“…I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found; Was Blind, But Now I SEE!”


“What don’t kill ya’ make ya’ stronger.”

IT IS ANOTHER GLORIOUS DAY for us all country folk and could y’all help but thank Our Most Gracious Lord Above for it? Well I shore can’t. Who could? The sun… The rain… Vast mountain ranges… Them open fields… Fish in the river… Food on the table… And everything in Life that is both beautiful and grand! Why, even them not-so-good-stuff are something to be grateful for. Why not, the Opportunity for Learning opens when them things do come once in every li’l while. As they say, “What don’t kill ya’ make ya’ stronger.” I say, “AMEN” to that!

“…there IS God’s Mercy and Grace…”

CONSIDERABLY, I COULD NOT help being (kinda) reminiscent right now. Yeah… I’ve been There… Been That. ‘Been through the Rough and Tough. ’Been from the not-so-good to the very, verrry in-your-face-momma-bad!  ‘Been through Hell and back and back—and back time and again. But then, there IS God’s Mercy and Grace…

“…that The Lord Almighty never turned His back on us…”

AND AIN’T IT JUST WONDERFUL—that The Lord Almighty never turned His back on us even when many others did?

“…God’s relentless and unfaltering Mercy and Grace.”

SO THAT IS (SIMPLY) THE MAIN REASON WHY the timeless Gospel Classic Amazing Grace is close to my heart of hearts. It, for me, ain’t just a song but THE SAWNG(!). Amazing Grace is one of ‘em Hymns of Worship and Praise that fully conveys God’s relentless and unfaltering Mercy and Grace. A Hymn of Peace, Love and Hope empowering.

“…totally mind-blowin’…!”

YES, WE HAVE SEEN AND HEARD A-MANY covers and versions of this times classic. But since I am a tin-kisser m’self, I would want to share with you kind folks one by Mike Caldwell that is totally mind-blowin’ (pun intended)!

AMAZING AIN’T IT… Well, you folks BE Safe and Well and as ALWAYS,

“May The Lord God Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!”


amazing grace, mike caldwell

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