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This Unexpected A Cappella Rendition of “Amazing Grace” Is Like You’ve Never Imagined

Amazing Grace” is an all-time favorite gospel hymn. It talks about life, grace, and blessings the Lord is showering His people. With this, it is one of the most sung and rendered gospel songs. Covered by numerous artists around the world,there is no denying that “Amazing Grace” has become a standard Christian hymn. In fact, country music artists alike have produced a great deal of recording of this gospel tune. The most notable singers who have rendered their own versions include Elvis Presley, Randy Travis, George Strait,Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and Reba McEntire.

In 2016, an all-female a cappella group wowed many people when they released the music video and recording of a remix of the song. The group’s name is Brigham Young University (BYU) Noteworthy. The a cappella group consists of nine all-female singers who are all based in the city of Provo in Utah. Formed in 2003, BYU Noteworthy is a theater group singing in a cappella. All members attend Brigham Young University. Also, they are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 2007, they were proclaimed the champions at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). Two years later, they also appeared on the first of The Sing-off,  NBC’s a cappella competition reality show.

WATCH: Brigham Young University Noteworthy sings their a cappella rendition of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).

The Amazing Story Behind “Amazing Grace”

Behind this song of life is a true story of acceptance, hope, faith, and gratitude.  John Newton, an English poet who later became an Anglican clergyman, crafted this classic Christian hymn. He later published it in 1779. Moreover, he came up with the lyrics of the song based on a personal encounter.

An account of Ilena Madrazo of Museum of the Bible once revealed a dark story that lies on the hopeful all-time gospel tune. The account goes like this:

“John Newton has a pretty amazing story. He lived a pretty crazy life. He was rebellious.”

That describes how rebellious Newton was before his spiritual conversion. He has lived a pretty crazy life for decades until he met a rough night at sea, an experience that changed his life forever. Madrazo then further explained:

“It was in those moments he began to understand how precious life is and the decisions he had made were not a good way to live his life.”


amazing grace, Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone), Brigham Young University Noteworthy

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