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Baby, I’m “Amazed” by You: A Country Hit by Lonestar



It is a country hit song from the ’90s written by American songwriters Marv Green, Chris Lindsey, and Aimee Mayo. It is also a song recorded by American country music group Lonestar. This group consists of Richie McDonald, Michael Britt, Dean Sams, and Keech Rainwater. Lonestar had more than 20 singles that entered the Hot Country Songs chart. They released 9 hit singles that reached the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Amazed, Lonestar
Via Lonestar’s Facebook Page

The song “Amazed” by Lonestar was released in March 1999 as a single from their album, Lonely Girl. This song became the band’s longest number one and biggest hit single of all time. Thus, the song has sold millions of copies all over the U.S.

Talking about the popularity of the song, it has been covered by music artists who have released their own versions. In the United Kingdom, the song “Amazed” peaked at number 21 on the UK chart, spending over 22 weeks from the day of its release.

About the Song

Amazed, Lonestar
Via Youtube.com by Screengrab

The song “Amazed” is inspired by two people who were in the process of falling in love with each other. Mao, one of the writers, said:

“Our feelings for each other just started coming out as we were writing”

Looking at the words put into the song, “Amazed” is considered as a love song that speaks about the attachment seen with the lovers.

On the other hand, talking about the lead vocalist of the band, he said that though the song “Amazed” is a classic, he still loves performing it. Thus, this song is considered a timeless ballad song played during weddings or other special occasions.

Lonestar also shared that performing this song brings them a little bit of pressure because this song already brought a huge impact on the listeners. Thus, one of Lonestar’s friends shared that this song is being played at every single wedding he attends.

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Amazed, Classic Song, Lonestar

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