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We Don’t Get All We Want, But It’s “Alright”-Darius Rucker

“This is how we really feel. I love the simplicity of the whole song. And, of course, any time you get to mention Patsy Cline in a song, I think that’s awesome. This is about just not needing all those big and crazy things. I’ve done all that stuff. I’m 42, I like a glass of champagne but I’d rather have a beer if I have a choice. It’s realizing the things that make me happy. It took me a long time to get here. I thank my wife for the bottom of my heart for still being here.” –Darius Rucker

For the third single from his highly successful debut country album Learn to Live, former Hootie frontman Darius Rucker cranks it up a notch for a more fun and enjoyable single to bring some flair to his increasingly dominant presence on country radio. “Alright” is, in fact, an entertainment quality song that covers the concept of having a good life with what you have, not what you don’t.

We Don't Get All We Want, But It's "Alright"-Darius Rucker 1
Darius Rucker

Imperfectly perfect, and it’s “Alright”

There’s something that just seems to stand out about this one.

The song is one of the more addictive tracks on his album. Also, it’s one of the most enjoyable songs out there right now overall. Rucker brings something to the table that helps this song just stand out. Maybe it’s his charm, his experience, or maybe his performance quality. Whatever it is, Alright‘s approach to wanting what you have and caring less about what you don’t, as cliche as it might be, is memorable and almost addictive, meaning people will listen.

Although it’s not perfect, “Alright” is a very entertaining and attractive tune to help bring some non-economic based optimism to country radio and help lighten the mood a little bit in its own way. If this is where Darius Rucker wants to take Country radio with his country music career, “then it’s alright by me”.

We Don't Get All We Want, But It's "Alright"-Darius Rucker 2
Darius Rucker (

Rucker wrote this song with Learn to Live producer Frank Rogers. He has said that this was written as the answer song to “All I Want.”

When this ascended to the #1 position on the Country Songs chart, Rucker became the first act in nearly 17 years to top the tally with their first three format singles. The previous acts to achieve this feat were Wynonna who led with each of her first three solo songs and Brooks & Dunn with each of their first four singles, both in 1992.

Be filled with good vibes as you listen to Darius Rucker’s “Alright.”

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