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“I’m Already There”: A Message That Closes A Distance

"I'm Already There": A Message That Closes A Distance 1Lonestar / (Photo credit: matthewducey.wordpress.com)

In 2001, the country music band Lonestar dominated the country chart anew with their seventh No. 1 song, “I’m Already There.” The tune was written two years prior, in the same year the band released their massive hit, Amazed.” It was the group’s lead singer Richie McDonald who wrote the song together with Gary Baker and Frank Myers. Considered a favorite song of all time, “I’m Already There” centers on the family as its theme. Especially, the song applies to those who have to endure being physically away from their loved ones. This song offers them and anyone who can relate to it a sense of being present in spirit. Behind the meaningful and sentimental wording is an inspiring story that is worth reading.

Stories Behind the Writing of the Song

According to Baker, most of the song’s lyrics were written by McDonald. Hence, the former admitted he almost missed the chance to contribute as he came late to their meeting place from a golfing session. McDonald came up with the song’s title, first verse and most of the chorus.

“He probably could have finished it by himself, but I think Frank and I put the right touches on it.”

On the other hand, McDonald shared how he came up with the title. It’s something that he thought of after a phone call with his 4-year-old son Rhett. The memory of such conversation remains vivid in his mind up to this day. And the little, high-pitched voice of his son always resonates to his ears saying,

“Daddy, when are you comin’ home?”

After that phone call, McDonald never forgets sitting in that hotel room in Southern California and just thinking, “I’m already there.” And that’s where the idea of the song came from.

Listen to the lyric video below of I’m Already There” below.

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