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“Missing You:” A Collaboration of Alisson Krauss and John Waite

Alisson Krauss and John Waite

For a song to be more appreciated and recognized, artists collaborate. With this, a particular song becomes more appealing. John Waite’s “Missing You” is a song outside the country music scene. However, there are still some country music obsessives who were moved by the song. Perhaps, the strong melody can hit the eardrums of anybody. Also, it became more pleasing when Alisson Krauss joined to re-record and re-release the single.

This is the very first time that Alisson Krauss and John Waite collaborated. One respected pop artist and another credible country music star. The outcome is superb as they both outpour pure talent and emotions in recording the song. Due to their collaboration, “Missing You” is now accepted by the Country enthusiasts.

Missing You…

John Waite along with Mark Leonard and Chas Sandford wrote the words and lyrics of “Missing You.” The original title was “Every time I Think Of You” sung by The Baby’s, the initial band of John Waite. Moreover, the song was released in 1984 as the lead single of John Waite’s album “No Brakes.” It was the most successful single of John Waite as it became a top charting single on different charts. Most notably, it became number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard’s Album Rock Tracks. Also, it became the top-charting song on UK Singles chart.

In 2007, Alisson Krauss and John Waite collaborated to record “Missing You.” The song was part of Alisson Krauss’ album “A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection.” Meanwhile, it was part of John Waite’s album “Downtown: Journey Of A Heart.” Their version placed at number thirty-four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Additionally, Brooks and Dunn recorded and released their cover in 1999. The song was part of their album “Tight Rope.” Their cover placed at number fifteen on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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Joshn Waite, Missing You

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