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Alison Did Justice to Roger Miller’s “River in the Rain”

Alison Did Justice to Roger Miller's "River in the Rain" 1

Who wouldn’t feel stunned upon hearing Alison Krauss’s vocals? The bluegrass-country artist truly deserves each Grammy and other awards she received for her exceptional singing talent. In fact, Krauss earned the most number of Grammy Awards among her fellow female artists that were recorded so far. As of this writing, the singer holds a total of 27 Grammys and many other awards.

The Song In Brief

Apart from her collaborative work with her band Union Station with whom she recorded six albums in total, Krauss has also released her solo albums throughout her career period. Her latest was entitled Windy City. The said album is her first solo project after 18 years since 1999 with Forget About It. Windy City comprises of her versions of several classic country staples.

Resonating what Krauss said in a previous interview, the singer wishes to cover songs that came into existence ahead of her.“There’s a real romance in singing other people’s stories,” she added. However, her new album contains one song that’s actually younger than her – “River in the Rain”. The country legend Roger Miller penned it for his 1985 Big River. This musical show, which ran more than 1,000 performances, was based on Mark Twain’s Adventure of Huckleberry Finn.

The Surreal Delivery of the Song

Given Krauss’s divine vocals that blended perfectly with this lovely tune, the song stood out instantly among Windy City’s tracks. Below is a video of Krauss carrying out an astounding delivery of “River in the Rain”. This live performance is just enthralling as the song’s recording.

In this video released on May 11 last year, the singer is wearing black dress singing along with a string of band. The presence of some lights particularly centered on them created a glow of heaven effect. Moreover, a pouring rain at the latter part of the video has led the bizarre performance to a spectacular ending.

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