September 13

Up Close & Personal With Alison Krauss: A Timeless Talent with a Modern Perspective

We all know Alison Krauss as the bluegrass and country artist with the distinct sweet voice and an impressive track record in the music industry. At 45 years of age, the lovely Miss Krauss maintains her exuberant vibe and youthful beauty, along with her innate gift to turn every song she performs, records, and covers into pure melodic magic.

Now already three decades into her singing career, six years after her latest release, Paper Airplane, she maintains finesse and a solid character that only artists who have beautifully matured through the passage of time possess. Having started early on during her mid-teen, she has simultaneously worked as a solo artist while participating in band projects with Union Station. Union Station was a lavishly elaborate and portrayed string band that featured members like Jerry Douglas on dobro, Dan Yminski on vocals and guitars, Barry Bales on bass, and Ron Block on both the guitar and banjo.

Throughout her musical journey, Krauss has earned a multitude of musical backgrounds, thus, stretching her natural talent into a diverse array of emotional expressions and vocal refinement.  She has been depicted by critics as a “connoisseur of songs”, setting an original and distinctive tone to her self-produced tracks and albums. For Make the World Go Away, she teamed up with renowned producer Buddy Cannon to develop a masterful duet rendition of the song. Alison Krauss referred to herself as “just one big B-side”. She was actually comparing herself to songs that usually “take a back seat” to give way to more popular songs on records. As such, when she and Cannon brainstormed for songs to perform and record, it was Krauss who suggested that they steer clear from the usual, go-to staple tracks in country music.


In the end, Krauss picked vintage tracks, saying that, There’s a certain feeling, a mystery about songs that are older than you, and I love that.”

And while the recording began smoothly, Cannon voiced that their main struggle traced back to the meticulous ear that Alison had for every track she recorded. “One day she’d come in to sing, and if she wasn’t hearing it the way she wanted to hear it, she’d say, ‘Today’s not the day.’” Despite Cannon hearing nothing but beautiful melody come out of Krauss’ vocals, the singer states that sometimes she encounters a sort of “stress reaction” with her vocals, causing it to close or tighten up. When he brought it up to her therapist, she was told to simply stop striving and just be.

The advice worked wonders for Krauss and she was able to regain the youthful energy she had during her younger years. Alison Krauss’ tendency to overanalyze her vocals and her talent is probably just a way for her to ensure she flawlessly continues the legacy she had started and continue to deliver awe-inspiring music to all of her fans.


Alison Krauss, windy city

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