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A Little Contemplation from Alison Krauss’ “A Living Prayer”

A Little Contemplation from Alison Krauss’ “A Living Prayer” 1
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For us to have inner peace, prayer is the simplest way. We communicate with God through our prayers. In our darkest hours, God is our light. He will guide and lead us to a brighter tomorrow for He will never abandon his children. To have a stronger faith and to say a little prayer, lend your ears to Alison Krauss’ “A Living Prayer.”

Sometimes we feel so lonely. There are times that we go through hardships and difficulties, too. Despite this, God is with us all the way. He will never leave our sides as long as we believe and we have faith in Him. God never chooses people to listen to. He always listens to everyone. We need to accept Him in our hearts and He will allow us within Him.

Let’s have a little contemplation. Also, let us warm our spirits by merely listening to Alison Krauss’ “A Living Prayer.” Her voice and soul will help us talk to God.

A Living Prayer…

The lyrics of “A Living Prayer” says it all. It has straightforward words to remind us that prayer is a solid defense from evil. Moreover, the soft and warm melody can mend our worries. Additionally, the angelic voice and Alison Krauss can make us believe that angels are guiding us from up above.

A Little Contemplation from Alison Krauss’ “A Living Prayer” 2
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Alison Krauss is known to be God-fearing. She is one of the many country artists who embrace gospel music. Furthermore, Alison Krauss has recorded numerous Christian songs. It is to motivate people to believe in God. With her angelic voice, it becomes an instrument and a way of God to get closer to him.

Above all, the voice of Alison Krauss is genuinely persuading. It can mend a broken heart and a lost soul specifically when singing a Christian hymn.

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Alison Krauss, i'd rather have jesus

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