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“Where No One Stands Alone” By Alison Krauss And The Cox Family

Alison Krauss and The Cox Family

At times of being down and lonely, God is our strength. God is with us no matter what. He is there to guide us with our decisions and judgments. If our decisions badly affect us and it is far from what we are expecting it to be, it will be painful. We regret and we feel sorry for ourselves. If the outcome is what we truly like, it’s a blessing. However, we tend to forget to thank God.

To remind us of the presence of God whether in good times or in bad times, listen to “Where No One Stands Alone.” The powerful voices of Alison Krauss and The Cox Family can help you contemplate.

Where No One Stands Alone…

The Christian hymn simply talks about God being with us, on our nights and days, and where we needed Him the most. God is there beside us. He will never leave our side.

Moreover, Mosie Lister was the person behind the words and lyrics of “Where No One Stands Alone.” It was written in 1955. Now and then, the hymn is being sung in many churches and religious events to celebrate the goodness of God.

There were many voices behind the hymn such as Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard, Don Gibson, and others. The most piercing cover is from Alison Krauss and The Cox Family. Definitely, you will be touched once the song has hit your heart and soul. Perhaps, it’s because of the angelic voice and the sincerity they outpoured.

The Cox Family…

The Cox Family

A country and bluegrass music group, The Cox Family, is from Cotton Valley in Webster Parish in northwestern Louisiana. In 1995, their collaboration album “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” with Alison Krauss earned them their Grammy Award for Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album.

The members are Evelyn Cox, Lynn Cox, Sydney Cox, Suzanne Cox, Willard Cox, and Dennis Sunderman.

Alison Krauss…

Alison Krauss

The most awarded female country artists, Alison Krauss, has the voice of an angel. Her distinct voice differs among the other country artists. All in all, she has won 27 Grammy Awards, 2 Academy of Country Music Awards, 1 Canadian Country Music award, 9 Country Music Association awards, 2 CMT Music Awards, 2 Gospel Music Association awards, and 14 International Bluegrass Music Association awards.

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Alison Krauss, Mosie Lister, The Cox Family, where no one stands alone

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