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Alison Krauss Teams up with The Cox Family to Record “I’d Rather Have Jesus”

When you are asked to have only one item in life, what would it be? Well, for Alison Krauss and the Cox Family, they want Jesus in their life.

alison krauss, cox family
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So do I, if I were to choose. We live in a world where material things are being more treasured than the relationship we have with the people we love. Oftentimes, we forget the things that really matter to us because we are blinded by the rich and wealthy. On this track, we will learn to value our faith and beliefs more.

Lyrics Breakdown

I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold
I’d rather be His than have riches untold

We should all have this kind of mentality. We are becoming too attached to our personal belongings that we are forgetting the one thing that matters: our faith in the Lord. We are all here because of Him. We are all waking up to a miracle that He had made. You have to remember that once you die, you can’t bring your ‘wealth’ to the other side.

alison krauss, cox family
Photo Credits: Alison Krauss/ Official Facebook Home Page

What you can carry are the good memories of when you were living. The good deeds that you have done are the ones that count. They are also the things that people tend to remember you for. If you haven’t really done something of significant value with the wealth that you have, you might as well be forgotten.

Alison Krauss’ Joins the Cox Family

alison kauss, cox family
via Screengrab from YouTube

This collaboration was long overdue. Both have been a huge country gospel music supporter and they have both performed the song really well. The performance was actually led by Suzanne Cox. A lot of people thought that it was Alison because they just have the same tone of voice.

The song was released back in 1994. Alison Krauss and the Cox Family decided to do to their rendition of the song for the release of the CD collection I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.

Listen to the song here:


Alison Krauss

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