July 2

Alison Krauss and The Cox Family In “In The Palm Of Your Hand”

Alison Krauss and the Cox Family

The angelic voice of Alison Krauss can touch our hearts and souls. Also, the smooth voices of The Cox Family can bring us closer to God. A good realization of this is through the Christian Gospel “In The Palm Of Your Hand.” The words and lyrics have a profound message, and with the patch of the melodic tune, indeed, it will make you realize how good God is. The song is also an instrument which can help you talk to God.

At this very moment of our lives wherein we need God, going to church, praying, and listening to Christian Gospel hymns can help us. We can throw our worries to God through those hymns. With this, lend your ears and listen to “In The Palm Of Your Hand.”

In the Palm Of Your Hand…

Ron Block is the songwriter behind the words and lyrics of “In The Palm Of Your Hand.” Alison Krauss and The Cox Family recorded their version. It is included on their album “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” Also, the song was released in 1994. Meanwhile, the album has twelve Christian tracks that can pierce your hearts.

Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss is known to be God-fearing. She is one of the many country artists who embrace gospel music. With this, Krauss has recorded numerous Christian songs to motivate people to believe in God. In fact, she made albums that earned her prestigious awards from credible award-giving bodies. With her angelic voice, it is an instrument and a way of God to get closer to him.

Above all, the voice of Alison Krauss is genuinely persuading. It can mend a broken heart and a lost soul specifically when singing a Christian hymn.

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Alison Krauss, In The Palm Of Your HAnd, Ron Block, The Cox Family

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