October 16

Alison Krauss’s Version of “Baby, Now that I’ve Found You”

Everyone says that once they meet their soulmate, they will be complete. Just like the masterpiece of Alison Krauss, “Baby, Now that I’ve Found You,” but is there such a thing as “Soulmate.” Anyhow, humans always search for their better half to be complete, and others are still searching until they get old. Well, I’m not bitter or anything but how can others search for true love if they are cornering themselves in the four walls of their house? So, all you need to do is go out and search for the person whom you will be spending the rest of your life with.

On the road for searching true love, please always bear in mind that it will not be easy.

“The Hit Song”

“Baby, Now that I’ve Found You” was written by Tony Macaulay and John Macleod around the 60’s. In addition, the song was released by “The Foundations” as their debut single. They are also the group behind the famous song “Build Me Up Buttercup.” Further, upon the song’s release, it became a hit in the British Charts, hitting no. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and no. 1 in the UK Charts for two weeks.

Indeed, the song was a massive success for hitting worldwide fame. It was even used on the film “Shallow Hal” as its soundtrack. According to critics, the song is a plea not to break up, others thought it was a song about finding true love. Well, whatever their interpretation is, the song is undeniably beautiful.

“The Remake”

Alison Krauss is an American singer specializing in the bluegrass-country genre. She entered the music industry at an early age, in fact, she signed to a record deal when she was 14. Also, Krauss was one of the many artists who made a version of “Baby, Now that I’ve Found You.” Thus, incorporating her bluegrass-country style to the song. By the way, she released it on February 7, 1995, and “Baby, Now that I’ve Found You” was also the title of her album, letting her win the “Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.”

To this date, the song is still loved by the masses because of its relatable lyrics. There’s a lot of modern artists who also keeps on reviving the song with their version and interpretation.

In conclusion, love is good medicine, and sometimes it can cure one’s problems. When times are hard, just having the person you love beside you is the best way to cure all troubles.

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