Happy Birthday, Alan Jackson! Today marks the country legendary star’s 61st birthday and we are forever blessed with his songs.

Let’s take some time today and send our best wishes to the country legend and get to know him a little better.

Alan Jackson sings "Country Boy.", alan jackson

Alan Jackson sings “Country Boy.” Photo from YouTube via Screengrab

The Early Life of Alan Jackson

Born as Alan Eugene Jackson on October 17, 1958, he was born into a loving family in rural Georgia. His parents are Joseph Eugene Jackson also known as “Daddy Gene” and Ruth Musick Jackson also known as “Mama Ruth.”

Alan Jackson had four older siblings, all girls, and they grew up in a house that was built around his grandfather’s tool shed.

His father worked as a mechanic at the Ford Motor Company while his mother worked as a dietitian and manager for a school cafeteria.

In 1979, he married his high school sweetheart Denise and shortly after that, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in music.

Alan Jackson and His Rise To Fame

Starting out wasn’t an easy thing for Alan Jackson, he received countless rejections before he was able to find his chance to enter the country stage.

One rejection after another, Alan Jackson was finally able to land a deal with Arista Records that soon proved as a huge advantage to them and a great loss to all those who rejected him.

His debut album titled Here in the Real World released in 1990 was a great success and was received really well. His coming would help end the synthesized pop-country trend of the 1980s.

Alan Jackson is a skillful songwriter, a lot of the songs on his first album were written by him and many of them remained on the top country charts for more than a year.

His first Grammy Award came with the song “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)” and many more awards would come soon after.

On Alan and Denise

Back in 1998 he and his wife Denise separated, but it didn’t last long as the two soon reconciled and have been together since. The two have renewed their wedding vows on their 19th anniversary. They have three daughters named Mattie, Alexandra, and Dani.

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