May 17

Alan Jackson Will Remind Us To “Only Trust Him,” The Lord

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson Will Remind Us To “Only Trust Him,” The Lord

Do you believe in the Lord? Is there a conviction within you to trust the Lord? Do you have faith in his power to save you? Is there a belief in your heart that the Lord can bless you? These are the questions that we sometimes contemplate inside our minds. Somewhat, we are doubtful. With this, we need to believe and trust in the Lord. Lend your ears and listen to “Only Trust Him” by Alan Jackson. The hymn will undoubtedly overpower your doubts towards the Lord.

Only Trust Him…

We have faults and commit mistakes in our lives. Everyone has sinned. We are all oppressed because of the bad decisions we make. Also, we hurt others and others hurt us too. It might not be our intention to create a barrier, but we tend to do so without us knowing. With this, it seemed everyone had turned their backs on us. But there’s only one way to heal, change, and make things better. We must trust the Lord wholeheartedly.

Furthermore, the Lord is the only one who can save us from despair. He is the only one we can throw our worries to and it will turn to relief. Once again, trusting him is the best way to be saved and to have happiness in life. Additionally, the Lord will shed his blood for our sins to be cleansed. There’s no one we can trust because Lord is the only truth. The truth that will lead us to rest. He will never delay the blessings because Lord will always be here with us to stay.

The Lyrics…

Come, every soul by sin oppressed

There’s mercy with the Lord

And He will surely give you rest

By trusting in His Word

Only trust Him

He will save you

For Jesus shed His precious blood

Rich blessings to bestow

Plunge now into the crimson flood

That washes white as snow

Only trust Him

He will save you

Yes, Jesus is the truth, the way

That leads you to rest

Believe in Him without delay

And you are fully blessed

Only trust Him

He will save you

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Alan Jackson, Only Trust Him

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